The connector can be installed using the latest installer. During startup the connector will automatically check for updates on Github. A pop-up will appear if a new version is available.


The WASM module unlocks more simulation variables with which to interact. The WASM chapter provides a full explanation. You're able to install the module by copying the entire wasm_module into the MFS2020 community package folder.

If you want to ensure the module is properly installed, you're able to follow these steps:

  • Start MFS2020
  • Open the option menu
  • Enable developer mode
  • Open the debug menu
  • Open the console
  • Search for BitsAndDroids

If the search results show messages that the module was initialized, the module will be loaded properly.

Install from the connector

You’re able to install the WASM module using the installer in the connector.

  • Click on settings from the menubar
  • Select install WASM
  • Click on the “select directory” button
  • Search for the MFS2020 community folder

WASM install community folder

  • Click “Select folder”
  • Click the confirm button

To check if the installation succeeded, you can open the community folder. If the installation succeeded, there should be a folder called BitsAndDroidsModule.